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12.-19. aastastele (Õp. Ka Bo Chan)

chan ka bo "The only thing better than singing is MORE SINGING!" Ella Fritzgerald. Singing is fun, and it should be always fun! Our voices are made for besides talking - singing! Singing style can be different, but foundation is the same for all voices: Correct breathing, Tone placement, Emotions, Muscles reflex, And of course - Practice, practice, and more practice! Since no one can hear themselves, a voice teacher is basically serves as the "ears" and help students to explore their voices and improve the quality of sound - through which they will able to have a great confidence in themselves and their voices. This is what I would like to do - to help young singers to explore and discover one's own voice and help them to improve and develop, as mine had helped me! "

Õppetöös arvestame õpilase soove ja võimekust. Õppeaastas 35-70 õppetundi. Õppevormiks solistitunnid ja ansamblitunnid.

Pop-jazz lauluõpe sisaldab:

Info ja registreerimine: +372 5154247

Kuni 12 aastastel on võimalik laulmisega tegeleda Kõlaansamblis.

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